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  • Love My Moontime app

    I love My Moontime app SO much! It's the only period tracker app that encourages and celebrates my bleeding phase, and doesn't look at it like a negative. - KATIE F.

  • Needed This Journal!

    This journal is exactly what I have needed. Tracking the parts of my cycle I don't want in the digital world. AND seeing the patterns emerge while also noticing positive shifts in my life from the perspective this journal has. - Michelle

  • Lit From Within Book

    “I wore socks and drank warm drinks during my period this time 🥰 I tried to stay warm. Spicy foods. Warm teas. Warm clothes. And noticed all of the ways my creating side was very prominent and energized during and after. I love cozy socks, so the “keep your feet warm” part really sunk in for me. I noticed so much more when I was feeling cold in any way, and then made myself warm. Before I may have tended to just “deal with it”.. but I honored the call for warmth because of reading your book. - Kel S.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery: Exclusive Hands-On Workshop!

Master the Art of Cycle Tracking – Empower Yourself

Welcome to a rare opportunity – our FREE online workshop, “Learn to Track the Four Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle, By Hand.” This isn’t just another informational session; it’s a hands-on tutorial where you’ll learn the actual formulas to understand and track your menstrual cycle independently.

Plus ‘Manifesting Your Goals & Dreams In 2024‘ workbook